Monday, 7 February 2011

The quest for the perfect blow dry part 1

In my opinion nothing can beat the feeling of having your hair professionally blow dried to perfection and bouncing out of the salon doing your best Cheryl impersonation. No matter what products, tongs or rollers I use at home, I can never get it looking like it does when a hairdresser lovingly spends an hour with a big roller brush drying and styling it to perfection.

My mission: Find the best blow dry in SW6

This salon is so local and convenient, and with a recommend a friend voucher a cut and blow dry is half price. My cold had taken full hold of my pathetic immune system and I was feeling very sorry for myself- to the salon I went for some much needed pampering.

It was the same lady I had had before and so the foreplay began, she washed it (very nice little head massage) gave it a trim and some 'shape'- then we got to the good bit, the 'blow dry'. I feel she may have been rushed as it was a surprisingly quick experience, which was a shame considering it was the main act which I had been anticipating the most. I'm sure girls can relate, to the blow dry.

A day at work had been spent daydreaming of reading my favourite magazine, drinking the yummy elderflower drinks they give you whilst being transformed from bedraggled sniffling rat to Cheryl Cole's glamorous younger sister. I was in post blow dry bliss immediately afterwards, but then came that dreaded disappointment that is so common, yet so difficult to prevent.......when it drops.

By 10pm I was less Cheryl circa 2009 X factor (2010 was a bit of a dodgy year for our Cheryl style wise bless her), more Cheryl circa Byker Grove 2000. It was flat, looked a bit greasy and I had curtains! I was hoping it would last the next day as I had a work event the following evening, but in the morning my hair was stuck to my head like a pancake, and the cold had got worse. My post blow dry euphoria had well and truly vanished and I was on a big come down.

I will continue my mission (budget depending) and keep you ladies posted.

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